Rockwell City & Jolley Community United Methodist Churches
Rockwell City, Iowa 50579
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Sunday School Times

Jolley Sunday School at 9:45 am 

Sunday School is for EVERYONE! 
EVERYONE is Welcome!

United Methodist Youth Goups

K- 6th grade will be the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month.
The Jr/Sr High kids will meet the Wednesday after the 3rd Sunday of the month and the one weekend a month. 
 The emphasis will be connecting the youth’s faith to their lives and sharing in a fun activity. There will also be some time for kids to be kids. 

RC UMC Live Nativity Scene 2016
Christmas Eve is always a special service but this year was even more special. Parishioners were pleasantly surprised as they made their way to worship that night to see a live nativity scene outside the front entrance of the RC UMC. Participants were: Joseph - AJ Neubaum, Mary - Abby Clark, Shepherds - Jacy McAlexander, Matt Clark, Chase Scheidegger, Joseph Clark, Zane Neubaum, and Logan Fonken.
The stable was made by Raymond Williams, donkey and sheep provided by Brent Maguire, Jeff Neubaum, Kerry Scheidegger, and Bob Roby.